Sunday, November 22, 2009

BFTE Swatches Set 1

These are the first 5 swatches from my recent order to BFTECosmetics .

I absolutely LOVE these & can't wait to try some looks with them!!! ;)

I wish the flash didn't drown out how truly sparkly these are. I will add a natural sunlight version if I can ever get a little sunshine around here. :)

BFTECosmetics Swatches Set 1

BFTECosmetics Jars Set 1

If you would like to see larger version of each pic please visit
here and here

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lovin' Light Lavender Eyes

I totally forgot to post this look! I used
BFTECosmetics eye shadows Runaway (lavender) & Panurple (light purple). I also used their Violet Stardust as an inner corner highlight. I finished with deep violet eyeliner and pale pink lips. Enjoy! :)





Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Layla Prismacolor Colored Pencil Portrait

Sorry for the gap between post! I have several makeup looks done that are awaiting editing. I will try to get those posted this coming week. I promise! :)

Any hoooo, I wanted to share with everyone a commissioned portrait I recently finished of a friend's child. The pic is 8x10 & created using Prismacolor colored pencils. I have been working, working, working for the Christmas season coming up. Hand drawn portraits of children seem to be a big draw this year. :) I'm glad to be doing them.

Below, I also included the original pic I used as a reference.

Finished Portrait
Layla portrait commission

Photograph for Reference