Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've got the Blues

Hello Everyone! I apologize for my absence and long wait between post. I had so much I had to do for the holidays. I know it is probably like that for everyone.

SO here is my latest look. Products will be listed below the pics.

Thanks and Enjoy!

i"ve got the Blues 4

Sneek Peek Blues


Sneek Peek 2

Indoors with flash

I've got the Blues 2

I've got the Blues 3

I've got the Blues 5

Ok here go the products:

Kryolan White Aqua color on lid first for a bright white base

Next Trucco AngelFace Palette. These are duo chrome colors. I used the blue hue on top of the white.

On the outer edge of the lid I used BFTECosmetics Blue Pacific

In the crease I used NARS Night Flight eyeshadow

Above the crease and below my bottom lashes I used MAC Deep Truth

For eyeliner I used first, Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Zero, and on top I used Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Eyeliner in Spandex for extra sparkles!


  1. beautiful look!!!! It's flawless :)

  2. What a gorgeous airbrushed eyeshadow look! I definitely need to work up to your skill level.

  3. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration! This looks stunning and suits you very well. It can be hard to pull of a bold look like this but on you it doesn't have that "fake" look, it just looks really cool! I will have to try my hand at creating a similar look soon. Thanks again for sharing this :-)
    Kind regards, Megan ^_^

  4. I truly adore the look I think it is amazingly colored I love the color blue so much I use it myself not the same color. I would love to see you do this look again but put the blue all the way to your brows and use a red lipstick I think it would look totall amazing on you. Thank you for doing this look I love though.


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