Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Quick post everyone! :)

I used Sugarpill's Tako, Midori, & Afterparty for the look.
Sugarpill Sweetheart EOTD 5
Sugarpill Sweetheart EOTD 1
Sugarpill Sweetheart EOTD 2
Sugarpill Sweetheart EOTD 6

And I threw in one of my hair because I liked it fixed that way :)
Sugarpill Sweetheart EOTD 4

Thanks so much for looking,

Anna aka Snooglerat


  1. AWESOME! Love the makeup, love the hair!

  2. I am in love with this look! Midori is such a great color.

  3. ...plz to do har tutorial?! How does that curl look so perfect with one bobby pin, I have to use 10,000!

  4. I love your hairstyle!!! The mermaid-inspired shadows are really pretty, I love those colours together!

  5. Awesome blues ! and i love your hair too :D

  6. Wow, that's great! Hey, you got a new follower :) And I invite yo to join my giveaway challenge for a chance to win a Hold Me Bag Cosmetic & Brush Organizer. Yo can see the video by clicking the win this image on my side bar. Good luck! XOXO

  7. So I JUST came across your blog looking for some green EOTD inspiration for tomorrow and found YOU! You're so amazing....I'm really diggin the creative use of colours and your blending is To Die For! Thanks for all the posts - I went back pages upon pages of old posts just to see everything!

  8. I love the bright teals! Amazing look!

  9. OMG ur so pretty , i love the makeup and hair so much , it look so flawless.. great job, please follow back

  10. So I've looked through your blog and I just have to say, you are so damn talented!!


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