Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brown for Blue

The Browns for The Blues Eye Makeup

Brown. The single most relied on eyeshadow ever. Most people I know wear brown on a regular basis. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this though. Browns come in a huge array of mattes, shimmer, sheens, lights, and dark. Brown is awesome for highlighting blue eyes as well. Who couldn't fall in love with at least one to make a stand by favorite? A matte tan brown swept on the lid in hurry can make a great 5 minute face. Of course adding a little blush never hurt either... Anyways, a deep chocolate brown, brow bone shimmer, and some dark eyeliner make a great smokey eye effect for the evening. So hurray for brown eyeshadow! I'll wear any color of the rainbow on my eyes, but a beautiful brown is always a delightful favorite to come back to.

What Eyeshadow I have on in the pic

Lancome Guest List on lid( deep chocolate brown with shimmer)
Lancome Kitten Heel on crease ( champange with a gold shimmer ) Gold Dust on brow bone & inner corner of eyes( light gold shimmer )

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