Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well...Here goes....

Ok.. I'm starting a blog.... Yea, I know that's no big deal because everybody and their momma has one. I just want to share stuff I like. Who knows maybe someone else will like it as well? Maybe I'll meet some people with my exact interest...we'll have a sleep over and make s'mores!!!!
No I'm kidding.... we'd totally built a fort with couch cushions.... Anywhoooooo...

A little about what I like. I love my dogs. I love animals in general really. I also have 2 cats. I have a love/hate relationship with the cats. I also have a ball python. Oh yea, I almost forgot, and a turtle. My house is quite the menagerie at times

I love art. I love looking at art. I love creating art. Painting, drawing, sketching all fall into things I like to do. I craft some...OK a little..but I like it. Anyways, I have drawn things all my life and I have a real passion for it.

I sew sometimes as well... I mostly sew scrub tops for work. I will make some kids clothes here and there. I will make a random bag or purse. I am by no means a professional seamstress. I'm trying to branch out a little in this area.

I love photography as well. I have a Nikon D90 and it has possessed me! I want to take pictures of everything now! My poor little pink Sony Cybershot has fallen by the way side. I always keep it in my purse though, just in case of random photo ops. Which leads me to another thing I love, Photoshop. I have the Elements version, but it can do most all the photo editing I need to do. I love to see the work of people who really know what they are doing with photoshop. I love Flickr too! Anyone that enjoys photography should have a Flickr account!

O o o o o.. I almost left out another favorite....MAKEUP! I know, I know... But most girls do right? I really love trying out new colors. I'll wear any color. I love eyeshadow. Makeup is for fun and making you feel great for the day. A few minutes in the mirror can change a persons look for work, school, dinner, dancing, or whatever!

Like I said, RANDOMNESS! Everyone has things they like and enjoy. I just wanted to share a few of mine.

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