Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aqua Blu & Thank You!

Hello Beauties! :)

I wanted to show everyone a quick EOTD using my original 88 Palette from Coastal Scents.

This is a smokey aqua blue look I wore the other day. I have been running around like crazy, so no pics from my fancy camera...just cell phone pics.... and that explains all my “quick” EOTD’s too. I need more hours in the day!

Also, Thank you! I have had so much wonderful response since coming back from my absence. I appreciate all the comments & compliments. I know we are all busy, and I really do appreciate the time you take to leave a comment. I browse a lot myself, but I’ve been trying to be active on other peoples blogs as well. If you don’t leave comments, that is just dandy too! Thank you for even looking! I really mean it! The beauty blog world has exploded here lately & If you’re taking to time to browse my page....well that just makes me happy. :) So TY TY TY TY TY...... ty... thank yooooooouuuuuuu!

Ok, enough with the mushiness, here are the pics...

Oh my Aqua Blu
Oh my Aqua Blu 2
Oh my Aqua Blu 3
Oh my Aqua Blu 4

ps. Thank you! :)



  1. I LOVE THIS!! It's so amazing :)

  2. Gorgeous!! I can't believe you got all that brightness from the 88 palette! I love that palette lol <3 I also love blue, so this look is really eye-catching to me.

    I've been doing "quick" ones too lately. I figure quick is better than not at all! ;3

  3. Thank you Stephanie & Joice :)

    @ Emily, Thank you too :)

    I would go so long without posting b/c I didn't have time to get good pics etc etc... Then I decided anything is better than being absent for months and months :)

  4. I love it. That blue looks amazing with your eye color.

  5. this is extremly beautiful....!!
    love love love it

  6. Just perfect! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Your eyes remind me a lot of leesha's and her makeup too. It is gorgeous look! =D

  8. This looks so pretty! love it!! x


  9. Gorgeous! I love this color so much and your lashes are so pretty!

  10. this is so well done. i really wish i could do this as neatly as you do.

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  11. I just wanted to say i'm glad you're back and leave some love. You art is fab. There are indeed a lot of blogs but not as visually appealing in my eyes!


  12. Hi lovely, I am a new follower! I am adoring the retro blue. x


I love comments! Thank you so much! I read each and every one posted :)