Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello Again!

I'm back! Yay!

So much has been going on with me. I have missed the internet & all my fellow bloggers dearly. Family stuff, new house stuff, horrible tornado stuff, etc etc... I know I'm not the only one. I see other people having to take a hiatus from the blogging world for various reasons too. Please forgive me :)

I was on my way to see my step-daughter receive her end of the school year academic awards. (She got 4, yay!) I snapped just few pics before I left.

Black & Pink

Black & Pink 2

So sleepy... I had just got off work that morning...
Black & Pink 3

I just used my Coastal Scents 88 palette for the eyes & a random blend of things on my lips. Nars Angelika blush.

I've got a few looks I've been waiting to try. I've also put myself on a "no buying makeup until I use some of what I have" lockdown.

What is new with everyone else?


  1. Beautiful as always. So glad to see your pretty face around again! :D

    Flawless victory.

  2. Seriously, your skin always looks flawless! Good to see you're alright and back into the blogging world!

  3. Very nice eye makeup, love the colours.

  4. Perfect blending as always. Welcome back! <3

  5. Beautiful! Wow, that's the 88 palette on your eyes?? I immediately thought it was Sugarpill Dollipop!

    I love your hair. :}

  6. Thank you ladies :) I've missed commenting with everyone!

  7. This look is STUNNING! I need to get back to brights, myself! :D

  8. This is a breathtaking look! Glad you're back.

  9. Yay you are back!! I have missed you and your awesome looks!!

  10. Welcome back and i`m happy to read about youy again
    The Make Up is great as always!!


  11. This is beyond gorgeous! wow <3

  12. Gorgeous, doll! I love this eyeshadow look.

  13. I adore this makeup, bright and much pigment, so beautiful!


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