Monday, February 28, 2011

Golden Glow with Wet n Wild

For this EOTD, I used the Wet n Wild limited edition holiday palette, Golden Goddess. I love these beautifully rich colors & think they compliment blue eyes well.

Golden Glow 5

Golden Glow 3

Golden Glow 2

Golden Glow 4

Golden Glow 1

That's all for today my lovelies,

Anna aka Snooglerat


  1. Soooo gorgeous! I have this palette, yay! I need to use it lol. It looks amazing on you, I love gold w/ blue eyes. <33

  2. Thank you Emily! Please post pics when you do!
    I had to win this palette b/c I could never find it in stores. Glad I did! And you get this fastest commenter award! That was blazin! lol

  3. I love your blog!!! all your looks are gorgeous and you´re so pretty. xoxo

  4. TY so much vaneza :) I appreciate you reading!

  5. I love this look on you.
    It works well with your hair as well.

    Again you are so lucky to have won this palette.
    I couldn't find them anywhere either!!

    Have a great week!!


  6. Flawless and your hair too. I'm always in love with every single look you do. 3>

  7. That looks great!
    And you are right, all oranges and golds are complimentary colors for blue eyes!

  8. These colors look beautiful on you. So does the lip gloss - what is it??

  9. Wow this is a beautiful EOTD! thanks for the inspiration :)


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