Sunday, September 20, 2009

Drawing a Dachshund... Snoogle to be exact

As I have stated previously, I am an artist. I love to paint, draw, sketch, etc. I just wanted to share a recent drawing of mine, which I turned into a video for youtube and flickr. I usually do commissions for other people, so I wanted something for myself. This is my first attempt at compiling a video, and I was quite pleased with the outcome.

The photo I used as a reference...
Little Sun Lover :)

Here is a picture of the drawing...
Snoogle Drawing

And a time progressive video... Not live drawing, just pics at certain stages in the drawing process.


  1. Awesome job! Snoogle is such a cutie!

  2. I lovelovelove this!
    You and I share a passion for BFTE, doing make up, and art. I LOVE your blog. =]


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