Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Photoshop Elements post...

I learned a few months ago how to create a texture overlay using Photoshop Elements (PSE). I created a new photo using this technique and wanted to share with everyone.

Here is the original photo

Here is the final product
Two Horses

I used two different overlays to create this effect

Basically, your putting one picture on top of another to get this effect. In PSE you can adjust how much you see of the photograph by using layers. The textured pictures above can be seen at 100%, which would make them opaque. Or, you can adjust them to say, 50% or so. This way you get a hint of the texture on top of your original photo. If there is a section of the photograph that you do not want to be covered, simply erase that part of the texture.

Flickr has a large selection of groups dedicated to using textures, and some groups that contain user created textures.

Here are two more pictures I created using the same principle.

Snoogle...she is a cutie :)
3 times the "AWE"

Abi :)
Merry Christmas Abi

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