Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween China Glaze Polish!

I have to stay out of Sally's Beauty Supply... Can't help myself!

Anyway, I got these two China Glaze nail polishes for Halloween. I love the color orange, so these were right up my ally. I am a glitter freak as well, so double whammy...had to get them.

Both polishes are shown with two coats and a top coat.

China Glaze Dreamsicle (The last one they has as well)
Halloween China Glaze color Dreamsicle

China Glaze Fortune Teller
Halloween China Glaze color Fortune Teller

I love how these look in the sun. Awesome Awesome Awesome!
Halloween China Glaze


  1. great pics!! i can never get my sun pics to look good, mostly cuz i'm an "indoor girl" and am slightly allergic to the sun haha. i try to get outside, take the pic, then run inside as quick as i can :)

  2. Thanks honey! It took me longer than I expected to get them at a good angle. Practice make perfect I guess.

  3. Ooooh, girl these colors are awesome. I have got to get me one (or both) of these bottles before Halloween comes around!


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