Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cupcake Sprinkles Jewelry Set

A friend of mine makes handcrafted jewelry. She uses different molds and a type of acrylic epoxy to create these pieces. She also makes the clasp and earring hooks herself as well.

I put in a custom order for a cupcake sprinkles necklace. I have seen them before on esty. I am SO happy with how this turned out! I love having something unique, and it was made especially for me. I just wanted to share with everyone. :)

The cool factor about this is, anything small enough to fit in the molds can be made into a custom jewelry piece! The possibilities are endless! Just think of all the different types of glitter, charms, etc...

Sprinkles once more :)


Modeling the Sprinkles :D

Sprinkles !!!


  1. These are just adorable, and your makeup looks beautiful, by the way!

  2. Maybe you can put a link up to help your friend get sales??? :)

  3. Thank you MUAinTheMaking! I was going to put a link in, but she isn't really ready/set up for online orders yet. As soon as she is, I will definitely put a link up for her!


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