Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mississippi Mud & Honey

My FOTD using BFTE matte mineral eyeshadow Mississippi Mud and sparkle mineral eyeshadow Honey. I wanted a smokey look for the day and Mississippi Mud was the perfect selection. This shadow is a rich deep dark brown. It's a very silky chocolate color, which is also a matte. The shimmery sparkles on my lid comes the mineral shadow Honey. The is a beige-ish sparkly color, with tiny flecks of glittery shimmer in it. I use Honey often because it is so awesome!

Mineral eyeshadow available from

Below is a swatch of the eyeshadow colors, lip liner in Cappuccino, lip gloss in Vanilla.

Swatch It! Mississippi Mud, Honey

Mississippi Mud BFTE 4

Mississippi Mud BFTE

Mississippi Mud BFTE 3

Mississippi Mud BFTE 2


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