Saturday, October 16, 2010

Memory loss...

That isn't the name of this FOTD.... That is why there is no name. When I put on makeup, and take pics of the makeup, I must also make note of the makeup. A person should keep notes of products so they can be easily shared with readers. The notes should not be lost and/or accidentally thrown away.... sigh...

I finally decided to go ahead and add this here. I took the time to edit & upload them so.....I hope you're accepting of me with my imperfections & eyeshadow unknowns and nameless FOTD's.... please? maybe?:)

Peacock 6

Peacock 5

Peacock 4

Peacock 2

I want to say I used some MUFE & a Coastal Scents palette... Maybe some BFTE too? I won't swear to anything though... :)


  1. You know what. I just LOVE looking at photos. =) And if there's a list of products U used, that's great, but if there isn't, that's fine with me as well. In most of the cases (if I'm trying to copy the look) I don't even use the same products, 'cause I don't have them all. I guess we'll just have to use our imagination here. =)

  2. very pretty color placement :)


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