Friday, October 15, 2010

Miss me? :)

New and Blue

Here I am, once again apologizing for a long absence. I hate to have such a long stretch between post. :( I started having abdomen pain a few months ago. This annoyance quite quickly resulted in me having my gallbladder removed. I had a bit of a rough patch after surgery but, I am very well now & glad to be through with that ordeal.

My second reason for the leaving-with-no-goodbye span of non-posting is, I had someone else in my immediate family become very, very sick. I had to turn all of my attention toward them. That is part of life & family. We have to stay close when times are tough. Things seemed to have leveled out for now & I am hoping all will stay well for a long while.

I could have updated here and there with random pictures and looks. I am so funny about what pics I post though. I try to catch the makeup in the best light. I really want the colors to look the way they do in actuality. Lighting can make an eyeshadow totally different from what it actually is. That is why swatches are so great!

Rather than stress about this, should I forgo the nit picking of the photographs & just show the makeup? Sometimes I can shoot a quick webcam pic before I'm out the door. I may not get a chance to take pics with my good camera. I just want to keep things interesting for the followers.

I know blogs do better with daily post. I will post as often as possible from here on out. I will publish anything that maybe of interest & see how it goes for a little while. :)

Thanks Lovelies :)



  1. You think you have to even ask?! I was just going through your Flickr photos a few days ago, thinking what the hell happened to you. I'm sorry to hear about your/your close ones health problems and I hope you're all OK now. I understand and I think it's best to do what you feel it's right. I don't mind occasional photo (even if it's non make up) - you take gorgeous photos, so... =)
    Hugs & kisses, Nihrida

  2. Thank you honey! :) I really appreciate it!


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