Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Pretty

This is My Pretty from BFTECosmetics. This color comes in the Wizard of OZ-Some collection.

This is a black based shadow with green iridescent flecks throughout it. I love it so.

I can't even begin to capture the complexity of this shadow! In certain light, it looks very green. With direct flash, the black is most visible & the green flecks sparkle.

Direct Sun
My Pretty 4

Indoors with flash
My Pretty 3

Out of focus, for de sparkles :)
My Pretty 2

Super Macro! Look at the green flecks! Eeeeee!
My Pretty 1

I just had to share :)


  1. WOW now I know Ill get the Wizard of Oz-Some Collection !!! Od.

  2. Love it over Milk. I guess I'll have to get that Jumbo pencil (I only have Purple and Slate one at the moment).

  3. Yes Milk is a great bright white pencil. I've seen lots of YT gurus used it as an eyeshadow base to help make bright colors more vivid. I like that it's soft to apply too.

    I was curious to see what a black based shadow would look like over it.

  4. these are epic photo shotting skills! thank you!

  5. Amazing photos! This was the one color in the collection I didn't really want, but now I do... sparkles are hard to resist lol.


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