Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rockin' Rainbow Eyes

It has been awhile since I have worn a bright look...like really REALLY bright. I felt that I should remedy that :)

I also was so busy this particular day, that I only have pics from my phone... I know... Photographer fail... But, my phone does take good pics at least :) I wanted to share anyways...

BFTE Rainbows

BFTE Rainbows 2

BFTE Rainbows 3

BFTE Rainbows 4

All of these colors are from BFTECosmetics Rockin Rainbow Collection.

On Lid
Green Apple

Grape in Crease faded up. I also used a little bit of black in the deepest part of the crease.

Fairy Dust was used as highlight ( I think it has been discontinued) It is a white with pink duochrome

Lashes are purple with rhinestones...I got them after Halloween last year at Wal-Mart

UPDATE: Forgot lips - Calvin Klein Mesmerize Lipstick

I love bright, super colorful stuff! This was fun!


  1. Oooh very nice! I love bright, rainbow looks - raver chic :)

  2. CK Mesmerize Lipstick... I knew I was forgetting something :P

  3. Whoa, now THAT's what wearing color means! =) Great job, Snoogle!

  4. I swear you couldn't get better colour placing and application than that. Gorgeous in every way. x

  5. Your eyes look great, but that lipstick is PERFECTION!!! I didn't even know CK made lipstick, lol.

  6. I didn't either Dominique! I ordered that lipstick sampler from Sephora last year, and it was in there.

  7. STUNNING! Love the colors, and the lip is a perfect match!

  8. You are in the top 1% of beautiful women in the world. AMAZING!!

  9. Gorgeous! How did you get the pigments to be so bold on your eyes? Are you using a primer? If so, what primer are you using?

  10. Thank you all so much!

    @ Anonymous, Yes I use a primer. I use Urban Decay Primer Potion most often.

    These particular shadows, I applied wet. I mixed them with BFTECosmetics Mix and Fix. Using loose mineral shadows with water or a mixing medium can really bring out the colors. Plus, that helped me blend from one color to another. :)

  11. Wow just wow. I am in awe! You did this flawlessly! xoxo!


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