Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Denim & Lace Collection Swatches

I have swatches for you! Yay!

These are all the colors the Denim and Lace Collection from BFTECosmetics.

To be honest, when I initially just looked at the colors in the box, I felt very meh about them. Once I took out a few sifters and had a look I was pleasantly surprised! These colors are soooo nice.

Swatched dry over liquid foundation. Click on the pics if you'd like to view them larger.
Denim & Lace Swatches 5

1 - Linen (matte)
2 - Chantilly Lace
3- Lace
4 - Ornamental
5 - Guipure (looove this one)
6 - Stone Washed (this one toooo)
7 - Classic
8 - Faded
9 - ? (no name on it)
10 - Riveted
11 - Blue De Genes (great, awesome color)
12 - Indigo (I could look at this one ALL day)

No Flash
Denim & Lace Swatches 2

Close up
Denim & Lace Swatches 4
Denim & Lace Swatches 3

Waiting to be swatched
Denim & Lace Swatches 1

I can't wait to create more looks with this collection! :)

Anna aka Snooglerat


  1. Amazing, thank you so much! You really make this collection look tempting. I would love to pick it up sometime. <3

  2. hey did you ever find out the name of teh 9th color??

  3. Great swatches:)

  4. These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

    ❤❤❤THANK YOU for the swatches!❤❤❤


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