Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Gold

Yay for first post of the year! :)

This is my EOTD using my Wet-n-Wild Vanity palette. I love love love this palette. I find myself reaching for it more an more lately.

This is one of the looks I've really enjoyed recently, so I wanted to share.
Wet n Wild Vanity Palette 1
Wet n Wild Vanity Palette 3
Wet n Wild Vanity Palette 2

For reference
Wet n Wild Vanity Palette 4

Since I pretty much use the same products over and over. I'm going to keep the description sections shorter than usual. If anyone has a question about anything specific, just ask me in the comments. This will help me so I am able to post more regularly.

The only product I used different than usual today is, I put NYX Jumbe Pencil in Milk on my waterline with a small lip brush.

Also, does anyone have a suggestion for a good, strong brow taming gel? I need something to bring the craziness of my eyebrows down a few notches... I am remembering why I shaved them off to begin with... I am tempted to wax them completely off again tonight!

Thanks Lovelies,

Anna aka Snooglerat


  1. Looks beautiful! I also love your eyebrows. Some pencil are quite waxy and therefore tame your brows as you fill them in. Otherwise a sealing gel, like Illamasquas works well. I used to use clear mascara to keep mine in place!

  2. STUNNING. I loooooove golds (perhaps too much for my own good).

  3. @Phyrra TY Lady Awesome:)
    @BBH I may have to try a sealing gel for sure. They are just crazy brows :/ sigh... lol
    @SS Love for golds is def on my list as well :)& TY

  4. this is gorgeous! I find myself reaching for the Vanity palette although i never touch the golds ... i'll have to try this out!

  5. Gold is unspeakably stunning on blue eyes, you rock it my dear! ;)


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