Monday, January 3, 2011

Denim & Lace

My FOTD using BFTE's new Denim & Lace Collection

I'm not really one to reach for blues when it comes to eye shadows, but wow these are just soooo pretty. I was really impressed with this collection. I will probably post some swatches later today. For the time being, here is my FOTD.

Denim & Lace 3
Denim & Lace 4
Denim & Lace 5
Denim & Lace 2
Denim & Lace 6
Direct flash
Denim & Lace 1

inner corner - Chantilly Lace
lid - Guipure
outside lid - Golden Age
waterline & under eye - Blue De Genes
crease - Indigo
above crease - Stone Washed
brow highlight - Lace

Wet n Wild Mega Liquid Eye Liner in black

MAC Lipstick in Blankety
Estee Lauder High Shine Gloss in Rose

(eyebrow update - yes, they met their demise earlier this morning. May we all remember their fuzzy unkemptness... or better yet, let us all forget.. lol)

Anna aka Snooglerat


  1. WOW, you're just so good at makeup. Absolutely love it :) its Excellent

  2. This is beautiful, I love the combination and the cut crease!

  3. I LOL'd @ the eyebrows... =-D

  4. Flawless, I love this! Your brows are so clean and well done.

  5. Your talent and beauty is unmatched!!!

  6. So gorgeous. To be honest I wasn't interested much in this collection, but now I am lol. These colors go together so well, who'd have thunk it? And omg those golds... I'm guessing Guipure(?) only comes in the collection right now, but WHY didn't I put Golden Age in my order last night?? D; I'd been eyeing (ha) Autumn for a long time and I didn't want to buy 2 golds at once. Now I regret, meh. Oh well, hopefully next time :)

  7. Hello Love! I emailed you!!! you won my contest! congrats!

  8. hahah you WON another blog!!!!

  9. oh my! EEEEPPP! I'm so excited! :D

  10. blue with gold? hmmmm.
    i wonder if I have a blue that would dupe for this one and i wonder if i could rock it like you.

    will have to see and report back if i come up with something =)

  11. I love the cut crease. Beautiful job!

  12. Ahhhhh love the gold and the blue on the lower lashline. Great cut crease!


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