Sunday, January 23, 2011

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit

I received the BFTE Cosmetics Synthetic Brush Kit as a present for Christmas. This kit comes with a variety of 18 makeup brushes packaged in a gray brush roll. The BFTE site also states this is a 100% vegan product.

I wanted to show a detailed post of the brushes included in this kit & the uses for the various brushes.
BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  4

Powder, Angled Blush, Blush
BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  2

These are very nice, dense powder/blush brushes. I have used these everyday for powder and blush application. <3 :)

Powder Brush Close
BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  3

Angled Blush Brush Close
BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit

Angled Doe Foot Brush

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  9

This is a dense, angled doe foot brush. I've never had a brush like this before but I'm so glad to have it! This is a wonderful brush to help blend out harsh shadow edges. I personally use it to create a fading effect when I have used my mineral shadows wet, which can be hard to fade a harsh line.

Shadow / Concealer Brushes

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  8

These brushes are what I use most from this set. They have so many purposes! I use the small ones to pack wet/foiled shadows on the lid. The larger ones are great for concealer and powder touch ups when you need more coverage in certain areas.

Fan Brush

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  7
(When I washed my brushes, I didn't shape my fan brush very well. It has bed head, lol)

I use this brush for two things. I apply my cheek highlight with it & for lightly dusting away shadow fallout.

Shadow, Lip, Angled Liner, Thin Liner

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  6

The first brush on the left is what I use for under my bottom lashes & patting shadows on my waterline over eyeliner. (this helps keep the waterline color from washing away as you blink)
Next is the lip brush. Using a lip brush can help create a sharp line and make lip products go further because you only use what you need. The third brush is an angled liner. I use gel liner almost everyday an I LOVE angled liner brushes for this. The last brush is a thin liner, which is great for precision, and can be used with liquid liner. Some liquid eyeliners come packaged with short handles. I can better control liquid eyeliner with a full size brush.

Angled Liner Brush Close

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  5

Lash/Brow, Spoolie, Sponge Applicator

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  11

The Lash/Brow brush is great for taming eyebrows (if you have them, lol) and I use it to blend my natural lashes in with false eyelashes. The Spoolie is also good for blending lashes, combing brows, and can be used for mascara. I know some of y'all are looking at that sponge & thinking, "Isn't that what every makeup guru says to throw away a get makeup brushes?" Well, yes and no. That is a very dense and high quality sponge! I wouldn't use it for shadows, but it is a excellent applicator of loose glitter. The applicator has some sponginess that kind of holds the glitter on, so you can pat it on your lid.

In conclusion of my epically long post...

These brushes are a great addition to my brush collection. The descriptions for the uses of the brushes are just a sample of what they can be used for. I just wanted to share a few things that I use them for.

Bye for now lovelies!

Anna aka Snooglerat

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blue Green Sea EOTD

Hello My Beauties!

A quick EOTD using BFTECosmetics :)

Colors are listed after the pics.
Blue Green Sea 4
Blue Green Sea 2
Blue Green Sea 5
Out of focus... for the sparkles of course :)
Blue Green Sea 3
Self portrait with Photobooth...
Blue Green Sea

Applied aqua blue eyeliner all over lid first, smudged out the harsh line at the crease. Also applied a deep green eyeliner under the eye.

inner half of lid - Peacock with Ocean Mist patted on top
outer half of lid - Blue Pacific
crease - Lavish (faded high up to almost the brow)
brow highlight - Butterfly
under eye & waterline - Illusion

I used my black Stila Smudge Pot with angled liner brush for eyeliner.

Did you know BFTE is having a 365 contest? Create a look with their products & post a pic & names of colors used on their Facebook wall. One look will be selected everyday for a whole year to be on the new BFTE 365 Blog. Every look selected, gets a free jar of makeup :D, yay!

Bye for now Lovelies,

Anna aka Snooglerat

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was very, very lucky to win Vanessa's aka LyricallyNess' giveaway from her blog All Things Ness!

What was the prize? Something I have been searching for... hunting for....

EEEEeee! She also sent an extra happy! A bath bomb fizzie she made herself! How awesome is she?


I was so excited! Vanessa is very fun and sweet and I am so glad I got to know her a little better through her giveaway. Go say hello and visit her blog! :) Plus, I got the palettes I have been hunting down and could never find!

Night Elf
Snow Sprite
Golden Goddess
Sugar Plum Fairy

Thank you so much Vanessa!

Anna aka Snooglerat

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink and Green EOTD

Welllll I have been meaning to edit these pics for awhile. I couldn't ever decide on a handful I liked for a post. Finally I decided to go ahead with it. If I can post cell phone pics, then I can post not-totally-perfect good camera pics...

I had just gotten a new lens for my camera and I wasn't totally sure how to operate it. It is what it is :)

Pink & Green

Pink & green

Pink & green 2

Pink and Green 3

I'm wearing some of those neat criss cross lashes, cheapies from after Halloween clearance.

lid- MUFE Star Powder Iridescent Fuschia 951 (Be warned this stuff is very intense pink, and will slightly stain your eyelids)

crease- green from the Kryolan UV palette

I outlined the pink winged area with UD 24/7 liner Zero and added a bit of black matte eyeshadow over it.

That's it :) Hope everyone enjoys my post from my nest egg of looks I have stashed away.

Anna aka Snooglerat

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

I just want to take a minute to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Sweety. He has loved me & put up with all makeup obsessions for 6 years now. This is a list of ten makeup related reasons, that Sweety is awesome!

1. He built me a custom mineral eye shadow holder for all my 5 gram jars. He also built a custom nail polish rack for me. :)

2. I once lost my MUFE 92 shadow that I wanted to use for a makeup contest entry. He searched for, and found it for me.

3. I didn't have enough lighting for my makeup area so he bought and hung a 2ft florescent light with special day bulbs so they wouldn't cast a yellow tone.

4. When I found a major makeup salvage stock at a local business, who dug through it for the lipglosses I wanted duplicates of?

That is love...

Yep, That's Sweety.

5. When I've run out of foundation/powder etc. , who went to the makeup counter in the mall for me because I was unable to go? (More times than I can count) He also comes home with the correct shade as well.

6. He also takes a seat in an unused MUA chair anytime we go to Sephora...and holds my purse... and never hurries me...not even 3 hours later.

7. He lets me put makeup swatches on him so I can photograph them easier.

8. I said I would like to drive to a small town in Kansas, to visit BFTE, just because I wanted to see the place in person, which is over 1,000 miles away. He said, "Sure, when do you wanna go?" (We haven't went yet, but he said he would :) )

9. He bought me a macro lens for my camera, because I insisted the pics would be better with one.

10. If I am fully made up or completely bare faced, Sweety loves exactly the way I am.

Snoogle and Sweety

That's what makes him the best Sweety ever!
Me & Sweety

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Denim & Lace Collection Swatches

I have swatches for you! Yay!

These are all the colors the Denim and Lace Collection from BFTECosmetics.

To be honest, when I initially just looked at the colors in the box, I felt very meh about them. Once I took out a few sifters and had a look I was pleasantly surprised! These colors are soooo nice.

Swatched dry over liquid foundation. Click on the pics if you'd like to view them larger.
Denim & Lace Swatches 5

1 - Linen (matte)
2 - Chantilly Lace
3- Lace
4 - Ornamental
5 - Guipure (looove this one)
6 - Stone Washed (this one toooo)
7 - Classic
8 - Faded
9 - ? (no name on it)
10 - Riveted
11 - Blue De Genes (great, awesome color)
12 - Indigo (I could look at this one ALL day)

No Flash
Denim & Lace Swatches 2

Close up
Denim & Lace Swatches 4
Denim & Lace Swatches 3

Waiting to be swatched
Denim & Lace Swatches 1

I can't wait to create more looks with this collection! :)

Anna aka Snooglerat

Get the sunglasses ready....

It has been so cold I wanted to do a FOTD so bright, you'd need shades just to look at the pics.

It is very bright...and this makes me happy :) Enjoy, lovelies!

Bright Yellow & Blue 2

Bright Yellow & Blue 3

Bright Yellow & Blue 1

lid & brow - BFTE Lemon
outside lid - BFTE Crush
crease - BFTE Blue De Genes

lips - Rimmel Vinyl Jelly Gloss Lip liner - 002

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lucky Me :D

Somehow I managed to win, not one, but two blog giveaways!

Jacqueline from A Brilliant Brunette was giving away a Glamour Doll Eyes, Jacqueline eye shadow tower. This is a collection of her favorite colors.

Also, Stephanie from Aquaheart's Obsession was giving away a bottle of Orly's Space Cadet nail polish.

I just wanted to post and thank you ladies very much for the giveaways & the awesome prizes! :)

I won in October... Yes...October. I'm slightly behind on things obviously... I'm way over due on this post though.

Once again Thank You Stephanie and Jacqueline for my prizes!

Giveaway Win 1

Look at the color changing awesomeness!
Giveaway Win 2
Giveaway Win 4

I love these colors! eeep!
Giveaway Win 5
Giveaway Win 6

And one more time
Giveaway Win 3

:) Anna aka Snooglerat

Denim & Lace

My FOTD using BFTE's new Denim & Lace Collection

I'm not really one to reach for blues when it comes to eye shadows, but wow these are just soooo pretty. I was really impressed with this collection. I will probably post some swatches later today. For the time being, here is my FOTD.

Denim & Lace 3
Denim & Lace 4
Denim & Lace 5
Denim & Lace 2
Denim & Lace 6
Direct flash
Denim & Lace 1

inner corner - Chantilly Lace
lid - Guipure
outside lid - Golden Age
waterline & under eye - Blue De Genes
crease - Indigo
above crease - Stone Washed
brow highlight - Lace

Wet n Wild Mega Liquid Eye Liner in black

MAC Lipstick in Blankety
Estee Lauder High Shine Gloss in Rose

(eyebrow update - yes, they met their demise earlier this morning. May we all remember their fuzzy unkemptness... or better yet, let us all forget.. lol)

Anna aka Snooglerat

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gold Nails for the Saints :)

Since the New Orleans Saints are playing today, and I am loving golds for the new year, here are my NOTD.

Milani 3D Holographic Gold over Orly Luxe