Sunday, January 23, 2011

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit

I received the BFTE Cosmetics Synthetic Brush Kit as a present for Christmas. This kit comes with a variety of 18 makeup brushes packaged in a gray brush roll. The BFTE site also states this is a 100% vegan product.

I wanted to show a detailed post of the brushes included in this kit & the uses for the various brushes.
BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  4

Powder, Angled Blush, Blush
BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  2

These are very nice, dense powder/blush brushes. I have used these everyday for powder and blush application. <3 :)

Powder Brush Close
BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  3

Angled Blush Brush Close
BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit

Angled Doe Foot Brush

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  9

This is a dense, angled doe foot brush. I've never had a brush like this before but I'm so glad to have it! This is a wonderful brush to help blend out harsh shadow edges. I personally use it to create a fading effect when I have used my mineral shadows wet, which can be hard to fade a harsh line.

Shadow / Concealer Brushes

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  8

These brushes are what I use most from this set. They have so many purposes! I use the small ones to pack wet/foiled shadows on the lid. The larger ones are great for concealer and powder touch ups when you need more coverage in certain areas.

Fan Brush

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  7
(When I washed my brushes, I didn't shape my fan brush very well. It has bed head, lol)

I use this brush for two things. I apply my cheek highlight with it & for lightly dusting away shadow fallout.

Shadow, Lip, Angled Liner, Thin Liner

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  6

The first brush on the left is what I use for under my bottom lashes & patting shadows on my waterline over eyeliner. (this helps keep the waterline color from washing away as you blink)
Next is the lip brush. Using a lip brush can help create a sharp line and make lip products go further because you only use what you need. The third brush is an angled liner. I use gel liner almost everyday an I LOVE angled liner brushes for this. The last brush is a thin liner, which is great for precision, and can be used with liquid liner. Some liquid eyeliners come packaged with short handles. I can better control liquid eyeliner with a full size brush.

Angled Liner Brush Close

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  5

Lash/Brow, Spoolie, Sponge Applicator

BFTE Synthetic Brush Kit  11

The Lash/Brow brush is great for taming eyebrows (if you have them, lol) and I use it to blend my natural lashes in with false eyelashes. The Spoolie is also good for blending lashes, combing brows, and can be used for mascara. I know some of y'all are looking at that sponge & thinking, "Isn't that what every makeup guru says to throw away a get makeup brushes?" Well, yes and no. That is a very dense and high quality sponge! I wouldn't use it for shadows, but it is a excellent applicator of loose glitter. The applicator has some sponginess that kind of holds the glitter on, so you can pat it on your lid.

In conclusion of my epically long post...

These brushes are a great addition to my brush collection. The descriptions for the uses of the brushes are just a sample of what they can be used for. I just wanted to share a few things that I use them for.

Bye for now lovelies!

Anna aka Snooglerat


  1. This is such an amazing set! I am particularly impressed at the Angled Doe Foot Brush, I had never seen a brush like that before!

  2. I was impressed with the Doe Foot Brush too! I've found it very useful!

  3. I think i might be getting these in the rear future.
    Such a great review by the way.
    Very detailed.
    Thank you!!


  4. Awesome blog my dear!!! i have the mini brush set and adore it.. i may have to suck it up and just get all of the bfte brushes!!!

  5. I want em lol! I especially love the look of the 'Angled Doe Foot Brush' Loved reading your review and lovely photography as always. :)

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